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Your complimentary H.A. FOX Jaguar Accident Aftercare*.

Unfortunately, on rare occasions we can all get caught up in a motor collision. Most accidents aren’t serious, but even if damage isn’t seemingly too severe, it can cause a great deal of distress and inconvenience for those involved. 

We understand how important it is to act quickly in the event of an accident. As a privileged customer of H.A. FOX, you automatically benefit from our complimentary H.A FOX Jaguar Accident Aftercare, whereby if you are ever involved in a motor accident, we can make arrangements to help get you and your vehicle back on the road quickly and with the minimum of hassle.

Important information for safe keeping

Volkswagen Accident Assistance

Keeping you on the road for the duration of your repair with a like-for-like replacement car. 

 Volkswagen Accident Assistance

We will liaise with insurers and third parties on your behalf, saving you time and hassle.

 Volkswagen Accident Assistance

Your vehicle will be repaired to the required manufacturer standards.

Volkswagen Accident Assistance

Your vehicle recovered on the UK mainland to the nearest H.A. FOX Jaguar bodyshop.

 Volkswagen Accident Assistance

H.A FOX Jaguar Accident Aftercare is provided for the duration of the ownership of your vehicle.


In the unfortunate event of an accident, call H.A FOX Jaguar Accident Aftercare* on 03332 228 938.

*Services subject to terms and conditions and accident circumstances.

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