Jaguar's overall goal is to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment by improving processes and products, making the best use of our resources, minimising emissions and waste, and improving energy efficiency.
The most recent advances in this area can be seen in 2010 model year XK, XF and the complete aluminium structure of the all new XJ. The model range have improved fuel efficiency, reduced CO2, advanced petrol and diesel engines, whilst uplifting power and grace – the best of both worlds.

Vehicle Recycling

Whilst Jaguar strive to improve every new model in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility, the end of each cars's life is considered by the treatment of old vehicles and recycling their materials. Re-use is a priority over disposal and where possible reintegrated into new products, with the aim of each Jaguar to be 85% recyclable.

Green In Practice

H. A. Fox Jaguar support the sustainability initiatives by ensuring our dealerships, workshops and processes are inline with the environmental policies. However, being part of one of the biggest car dealer groups Inchcape Retail UK, we are conscious of the carbon footprint our industry imprints and and so we also try to reduce our carbon footprint by actions in our everyday workplace.
  • Maintaining a pleasant and tidy working environment
  • Recycling general waste, office supplies as well as Jaguar parts and material
  • Being energy efficient by switching off lights, computers and electrical equipment
  • Using diesel engines for company cars and courtesy vehicles

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