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Depending how hard or leisurely you drive your vehicle, we recommended its wheels are aligned every 10,000 miles, or at least once a year.


Wheel aligned provides many benefits to your driving experience, such as the below:

  • Incorrectly aligned tyres increase tyre resistance and reduce fuel economy
  • The reduced tyre wear and friction can add thousands of extra miles to your tyre life
  • Increases handling and grip by eliminating drifts to the left/right.


All these improvements result in a safer drive and a much more comfortable experience.


Before your Geometry Check takes place we will also check:

  • Tyre Pressures and Condition
  • Tyre Sizes
  • Wheel Damage
  • For Suspension Damage
  • For Worn Suspension Joints
  • Equipment Calibration


Please contact your local retailer to secure your appointment.

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