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Interview with Jaguar Apprentice Technician, Nikkita Drake

Nikkita (Nikki) joined H.A.FOX Jaguar as an apprentice technician in October 2014. She is the first female technician at the dealership and she has already proved to be such a valuable addition to our team. We couldn’t let this momentous event pass without asking Nikki a few questions about joining the dealership.

How did you find the recruitment process and was there much competition?

I found the whole recruitment experience very exciting. I had received an email for a confirmed interview.

To even reach this stage with the recruiters seeing my profile as female and not a school leaver… Breathtaking.

So, I turned up and we undertook a group interview which included English, Maths and basic mechanical engineering question papers. We sat around a table in Silence, me and 6 other candidates, all male. They all dressed and spoke differently, some had lots of experience, some had none and I was the oldest. I thought, no chance in hell. Amanda Igoe, the lady who carried out these interviews, explained to us all what the apprenticeship involved. One person dropped out at this point. The individual interviews took place conducted by my now Service Manager Ian Rutter and General Manager Jason Hurst. Conversation flowed. I just wanted to tell them everything about myself to have a fighting chance for selection. Now here I am.

What sort of training do you have and do you go to college?