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Published Date: 17/07/2017

Whether you’re enjoying the luxurious ride of the new XF, or experiencing your F-Type eat up the tight hairpins of a mountain road, we’re pretty sure that you love driving your Jaguar in all kinds of situations. If you’re looking to take your pride and joy on a European road trip, or you just want to see some of the best stretches of tarmac the continent has to offer, take a look at our guide to the best roads in Europe. With this collection of stunning highways, it’s not about where you’re going but how you get there.

Stelvio Pass

One of the most famous roads in Europe, the Stelvio Pass scythes its way through Italy’s Eastern Alps in truly spectacular fashion. Take on hairpin after hairpin as you cascade down the Alpine region’s second highest paved pass, soaking up the breathtaking mountain views as you go.

Route des Grandes Alpes

Which leads us nicely onto the stretch of road that boasts the highest paved pass in the Alps. The Col de lIseran is 13 metres higher than the Stelvio Pass, but is just one of 16 mountain passes along the Route des Grandes Alpes, which also takes you through four national parks.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

You may have to pay a toll to drive along this Austrian road, but boy is it worth it. Gaze out across some 37 mountains as you climb to over 2,500 metres, navigating a plethora of tight twisty turns along the way. To really get your money’s worth, turn around and drive back to the start before you reach the toll booth at the other end.

Transfagarasan Highway

Like him or loathe him, it’s fair to say Jeremy Clarkson knows a thing or two about decent roads. The former Top Gear host proclaimed the Transfagarasan “the best road in the world”, and it’s easy to see why. 6,000 tonnes of dynamite were used in carving out this slice of motoring heaven, which stretches for more than 50 glorious miles through Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.


The Trollstigen, or Troll’s Path in English, is an awe-inspiring route in Norway’s Rauma region, with a 9% incline and 11 hairpin turns. Feast your eyes on the scenery that includes tumbling waterfalls and mountains such as the King, the Queen and the Bishop, and look out for the trolls which, according to legend, wander the region at night before turning back into stone at daybreak. The road sign warning of crossing trolls makes for a great photo opportunity.

Atlantic Ocean Road

Another Norwegian entry, the country’s Atlantic Ocean Road is an 8 kilometre stretch that runs through an archipelago in Møre og Romsdal. Take in the coastal views as you cross the causeways and bridges, including the famous Storseisundet.

Valparola Pass

We finish where we started, in the mountains of Italy. It’s the iconic Dolomites this time though. Just over 100 miles to the east of the Stelvio Pass is the Valparola Pass, which throws up other-worldly scenery for you to enjoy. Combine it with the Falzarego Pass for the best views of the Sass de Stria mountain, which stands at nearly 2,500 metres. In truth, you could spend days on end driving around the Dolomites as you explore the huge array of spectacular roads.

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