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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 17/01/2017

At Jaguar, making cars suitable for all driving conditions is paramount with the combination of the innovative technologies, you will find your Jaguar drives like a Jaguar in all weathers.

HA Fox Jaguar

All-wheel drive is now provided across the Jaguar range, with power transfer speeds the main focus during its development. The power can shift from 100 per cent on the front axle to 100 per cent on the rear in 165 milliseconds, and the seamless change for power and torque helps you maintain stability in challenging conditions.

All surface progress control (ASPC) is an added technology to control the car in tricky conditions, with the ASPC system working like a slow speed cruise control. It maintains a low level of torque and applies the brakes in opposition, meaning no wheelspin and all the driver has to do is steer.

With the intelligent driveline dynamics (IDD) system, speed and traction data is collected at all four wheels 100 times a second so the car can estimate how much grip can be attained on each contact patch. Normally, 90 per cent of the power is sent to the rear wheels, but if it is detected that more traction is needed at the front wheels, IDD shifts some torque through the transfer case and to the front wheels for greater stability.

Adaptive surface response (ASR) changes the car's settings to ensure it is set up for the different road conditions perfectly. By changing the throttle mapping, transmission and DSC settings, ASR keeps you stable on any road and the transition between modes is seamless.

To round out Jaguar's innovations, low friction launch is designed for drivers who want to make the most of the vehicle's traction. By changing the throttle mapping to allow for a progressive response, drivers can pull away smoothly on slippery surfaces with ease.

With all of these technologies at the disposal of the majority of the Jaguar range, you can find your own Winter Hero at your nearest H.A.Fox Jaguar Centre.

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