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Published Date: 31/01/2016

What is 'Ingenium'?

Jaguar Ingenium

If you've been looking to buy a Jaguar recently you may have heard the term 'Ingenium' being used - but what is Ingenium and what does it mean for you?

Ingenium is the name given to the current range of state-of-the-art engines from Jaguar. Designed and engineered from scratch at the Jaguar Engine Manufacturing Centre in the West Midlands, the Ingenium engine was conceived to provide an environmentally sustainable power unit that drove down running costs for Jaguar owners without any compromise on performance.

The Ingenium engines are the most fuel-efficient ever fitted to Jaguar cars. The Jaguar XE, when equipped with a 163PS Ingenium engine and manual gearbox, has a fuel economy of up to 75.0mpg (combined cycle) and CO2 emissions of just 99g/km. In the all-new XF model with the same powertrain, fuel economy is up to 70.6mpg with CO2 emissions as low as 104g/km.

With better fuel efficiency and lower road tax bands than before, drivers save money day-to-day - and the service intervals are also longer, at 21,000 miles compared to 16,000 miles, so you are without your car much less often.

It's not just about reducing CO2 emissions. All harmful emissions, including nitrogen oxides, are reduced. A new urea-based diesel exhaust fluid helps break down harmful gases, while the engine’s lighter aluminium build and advanced friction-reducing technology reduces the amount of fuel burned and the amount of gases escaping to the exhaust. The Ingenium engine meets the Euro 6 emissions standards.

Jaguar won't stand still though. Ingenium is designed not only to meet today's requirements but to be adaptable for future changes in regulation and advances in technology to further reduce emissions.

Bringing the engineering and production of engines in-house also means that 6,900 UK jobs have been created at the Jaguar Engine Manufacturing Centre, as part of Jaguar's commitment to British engineering and manufacturing.

You can already find the Ingenium engines fitted to the all-new XF and XE models, and it will eventually feature in most current and new models. 

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