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Published Date: 29/04/2016

Jaguar XJ vs UAV

In a battle between car and UAV, world-leading stunt driver Mark Higgins faced off with drone pilot and racer Jae Hong Li for a cat and mouse chase around Zhuhai International Circuit and its neighbouring buildings.

Higgins had to get out of sight of the drone’s camera and tried to shake it off through the underground car park and tree-lined boulevards surrounding the circuit.

This test was to show how far drone technology has come in recent years and the fact that sooner or later, UAVs will replace cars in some aspects of film production for tracking shots.

Despite the incredibly agile drone keeping pace weaving throughout the buildings, trees and shipping containers, the XJ showed off its own manoeuvrability thanks to its electric power-assisted steering, which improves the responsiveness and feel for the driver. Sensors and four on board cameras also help this so that the car can be handled with confidence.

Thanks to the drone’s high definition lens and superb tracking capabilities, Li was able to keep up with the XJ with his highly responsive vehicle. However, with a 3.0-litre V6 under the bonnet, Higgins was able to get away at the end, as the drone couldn’t keep pace, with the 0-60mph time of 6 seconds proving too much for the UAV to handle.

The Jaguar XJ is considered the most dynamic luxury saloon on the market and with superb handling, dynamism and quality throughout the XJ range, its difficult to see why you wouldn’t choose it.

Available from £58,690, the XJ is well priced for the superb finish on offer and with R-Sport and Autobiography models further up the range, you can get more luxurious and much faster with your XJ.

For more information on the XJ or any other Jaguar on offer, contact or visit your nearest H.A.FOX dealership.

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