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Published Date: 23/08/2016

Terry Grant and the F-PACE

After performing a record-breaking loop-the-loop during the launch of the model last year, stunt driver Terry Grant was paired up with the modified F-PACE that broke the record to perform a new and even more daring stunt.

But to perform this new stunt to impress the crowds at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Grant needed freestyle motorbike stunt rider Lee Bowers on board to add extra danger to the event.

To impress the crowd next to the famous Goodwood Hill climb, Grant and Bowers put on a dramatic display of skill, precision and control by driving up the hill on just two wheels.

Despite being an expert stunt driver, Grant needed hours of planning and preparation to make sure the car stayed stable up the track, and to make for an even more impressive spectacle, Bowers left the luxurious leather interior and climbed out of the passenger window and saluted the crowds.

To make sure the crowds knew it was an F-PACE, Jaguar applied decals of ‘#FPACE’ so people could comment on social media about the fantastic looking F-PACE and its brilliant stunt, which you can see below:

The F-PACE is Jaguar’s first performance crossover and is British-built at JLR’s Solihull Plant. To find out more about the F-PACE, contact your nearest HAFOX Jaguar retailer.

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