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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 14/08/2016

The storm season in the American Midwest is one of the most intense and dangerous periods in global weather, and it has grown global renown for the storm chasers that gather to observe them during the summer months.

HA Fox Jaguar

Tornado Alley is an area stretching from South Dakota to northern Texas, where there is the 'perfect storm' of conditions to make an abnormally high amount of tornados during the summer months. So for storm chasers to be in with a chance of seeing the best tornados, they need a fast, stable car with plenty of space to offer so they can store their equipment, and Jaguar has just the car.

Expert chaser Tim Baker, nicknamed 'Tornado Tim', drove Jaguar's All New XF saloon during the storm season, and he was impressed with how it coped with the adverse conditions and also the connectivity of the infotainment, which allowed him to track the storms from the touchscreen.

Storm chasers are needed to warn the general public about the location and path of oncoming storms, and with the impressive All-Wheel Drive system fitted the XF was able to handle the small dirt roads and tricky wet surfaces with ease so Tim could keep up with them.

Baker was impressed with the superb features and excellent performance of the XF AWD and was able to drive through a Category EF 0 tornado - although he advised that it's better to get into a sturdy shelter whenever a tornado is in the area.

Watch the impressive footage of Tim Baker in the XF AWD and see just why it is one of the best saloons on the market:

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