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Published Date: 14/03/2016

Jaguar XJ Dabbawalla Delivery Challenge

Jaguar’s latest version of the luxury saloon, the XJ, has been kitted out with the brand new InControl Touch Pro infotainment system.

The system can connect with your smartphone so you can plan your journeys before you get in the car, and then be guided around with the car's satellite navigation. It also provides the car with an internal WiFi signal.

Jaguar XJ Dabbawalla Delivery Challenge

The much-improved system works perfectly with the touch screen command centre, which uses established gesture controls, such as pinch to zoom and tap and swipe to move around.

To put the system to the test, the new Jaguar XJ was taken to the Indian city of Mumbai to take on the traditional Dabbawalla delivery system.

Dabbawallas are delivery people in India – mainly Mumbai – who take hot lunches to workers around the cities in special ‘tiffins’ or ‘dabbas’ and work in a relay system to get to the customer’s work place, may that be by bus, bike or train.

To test the InControl system, a race was devised with one dabbawalla using the conventional method, whilst another was driven in the XJ.

With the roads in Mumbai usually full of traffic around lunchtime, this would push the XJ and the new system to the limit to beat the traditional system.

Having planned a route that would make for a close race, the two competitors set off, with lunches in hand. The traditional method took an early lead, as he could weave through the streets on his bicycle before catching a train to the location.

The XJ’s occupant however travelled in comfort, with the massaging chairs and soundproofing to dull the noise of the busy streets of Mumbai. Thanks to the InControl system, the XJ made good progress and was level-pegging for most of the way.

The traditional dabbawalla was slowing down due to the train’s stopping service so switched to his feet and tried to run to the finish. The dynamic XJ, thanks to the new system, was just too quick in the end, as its relaxed occupant was able to deliver the dabba first.

In the tricky environment, the XJ was able to pull through, proving the new InControl system is more than capable for everyday needs.

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