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Published Date: 08/02/2016

Jaguar F-Type SVR

Jaguar has never been a company to shy away from high performance road cars, and the F-Type SVR may be the highest point so far.

As the first series production Jaguar prepared by the Special Vehicle Operations division, it is part of budding but formidable arm of the company. It's also the most powerful production Jaguar ever made, and as such beats a significant back catalogue of exotic metal wearing the leaping cat.

Jaguar F-Type SVR

Those include some classic performance vehicles like the twin-turbocharged XJ220 supercar and the V12-powered homologation special XJR-15, alongside more modern vehicles like the supercharged R and RS models of the XK, XJ and XF.

Appropriately aggressive yet resolutely handsome, the F-Type SVR bears a resemblance to its Project 7 predecessor and paints an aesthetic picture of its credentials with effortless class and intimidation. Aerodynamic devices hint at the power that lies beneath, while the large front intakes mark the need for extra cooling that outstanding power requires.

The engine formula of the F-Type SVR is familiar - eight cylinders displacing five litres and with supercharger assistance - but it's taken to the next extreme. Developing 567hp from 516lbft, the SVR is capable of 200mph in coupe form, with a convertible option too for those who want to listen to the new Titanium and Inconel exhaust system. 0-60mph takes 3.5s, helped along by the AWD system.

A comprehensive honing program has taken throughout all four corners of the car underneath too, with new dampers, anti roll bars and suspension knuckles. The F-Type SVR is also 25kg lighter than the F-Type R AWD as standard and this can be improved by a further 25kg with options that include a carbon fibre pack, carbon fibre roof and carbon ceramic brakes.

Unique interior trim includes suede-covered binnacle and centre console, lozenge quilt-patterned SVR seats and anodised aluminium paddle shifters. The electronic systems, including the transmission, power steering, adaptive dynamics, all wheel drive and stability control also have unique calibrations.

The car is available to order now ahead of the global debut at March's Geneva Motor Show.

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