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Published Date: 22/03/2016

Jaguar Heritage services for customers

At Jaguar, our history is very important to us, and the classic cars that we have produced over the years will forever be a critical part of our company.

The Jaguar Heritage service is therefore a key part of our company’s facilities and we hope to cater to any need that the customer needs to keep their Jaguar in shape.

Jaguar Heritage services for customers

Included in the Heritage scheme is the Heritage Workshop, which offers warrantied servicing and advice on what to do with your classic Jaguar alongside any repairs, reconstructing or renovating jobs needed on your car.

Also if new parts are needed, especially those that are unavailable everywhere else, we can manufacture them for you so that the car stays as authentic as possible and can be in full working order.

The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust is also a major part of the Heritage sector, which is a project to preserve Jaguars of days gone by. The trust helps to maintain the 140 plus vehicles that have been a key part in not just Jaguar’s history, motoring history too. Special artefacts and documents are also conserved and can be seen on display at Coventry’s Transport Museum and the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire.

Furthermore, Jaguar offers the Jaguar Classic Challenge race series for models built before 1966, and the Heritage clothing and accessory collection that offers high-quality products to suit any Jaguar driver or fan.

To find out more about Jaguar Heritage, visit and click on the Jaguar Heritage tab.

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