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Published Date: 30/03/2016

Jaguar Geneva Review

The Geneva Motor Show is a special event in the motoring calendar for any company, and for Jaguar this was no exception.

This grand stage gave us the perfect opportunity to officially unveil our new and upgraded F-Type, the SVR.

The SVR is the first Jaguar to be taken in by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations department, whose only previous ‘R’ project was the Range Rover Sport SVR released last year.

Jaguar Geneva Review

It's the first production Jaguar to go 200mph, thanks to a 567bhp 5-litre V8 engine and after being slimmed down and having improved aerodynamics installed, it's an exciting prospect. An all-wheel drive system has also been fitted to ensure the best driving experience possible.

Available in both a coupe and roadster guise, the SVR also comes with a choice of manual and automatic gearboxes. Though substantially upgraded, the F-Type SVR hasn't lost the characteristic noise of the Jaguar V8 engine, which is just as recognisable and enjoyable to hear as it is in every F-Type.

Despite being lightened and sharpened up, the SVR is still a nice place to be, thanks to the well-appointed interior with plenty more options for you to choose from. Available to order now and with deliveries starting in Summer 2016, the F-Type SVR price starts at £110,000, with multiple comfort and performance options to choose from.

Also on display was the new F-Type British Design Edition. This special edition comes in red, white or blue - Caldera Red, Glacier White or new Ultra Blue, to be precise - with a fixed rear spoiler and unique satin grey 20-inch Cyclone alloy wheels, over red-painted Jaguar Super Performance brake calipers. Based on the 375hp F-Type V6 S AWD, the British Design Edition isn't quite as quick as the F-Type SVR, but is no less cool.

The Geneva Motor Show also provided a closer look at the new all-wheel drive Jaguar XE 2.0d. This version of the small executive saloon includes an AWD system derived from the F-Type, using Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) and Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) to provide a dynamic but capable and safe drive all year round.

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