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Published Date: 11/01/2016

Jaguar Approved Winter Tyres

Winter tyres aren't just for snow and ice - they help whenever the temperature is low too.

When outside temperatures drop to around 7°C, there's a shift in the behaviour of summer and all-season tyres, increasing the distance they take to stop compared to dedicated winter tyres. At lower temperatures, a winter tyre can deliver 59% shorter braking distances than original equipment summer tyres.

Jaguar Approved Winter Tyres
The water dispersal properties of winter tyres are also improved. Tyres have microscopic grooves known as 'sipes' that help channel minute quantities of water away to prevent aquaplaning. Summer tyres typically have around 200 sipes, while winter tyres have around 1,500.

However it's not just a case of fitting any winter tyres that meet your car's size requirements - some winter tyres simply aren’t compatible with the performance demands of your Jaguar.

Jaguar engineers work closely with tyre manufacturers to achieve the best possible performance and wear characteristics, so when you choose tyres from Jaguar Approved Winter Tyres, you know that they meet your car’s exact specifications.

There's no need to throw away your summer tyres either - you can now store your summer rubber in one of Jaguar's regional Tyre Hotels. Your tyres will be collected and placed into storage to maintain their condition, and the new winter tyres fitted. When summer comes round again, you can swap them over and put the winter tyres into the hotel instead!

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