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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 04/10/2016

To celebrate London's first Design Biennale, primary partner Jaguar asked its best designers to come up with an exhibit that fitted the event's theme 'Utopia by Design' and also display Jaguar's design ethos.

Inchcape HA Fox Jaguar

Led by director of design Ian Callum, Jaguar designed a laser-powered light installation that showed of the company's past, present and future vehicles, including a design inspired by the future to create a silhouette of a vehicle of the utopian future.

The exhibit displayed the illustrious history of the Jaguar brand, going through the Le Mans-winning vehicles of the 1950s, through the E-Type from the 1960s and to recent history with the XJ220 and other iconic models.

With the display showing off the modern day Jaguars that are currently defining the premium brand, it also showed the near future of both the company and the motoring industry, with autonomous driving and the health and wellbeing of drivers taking centre stage in 'the gallery of the future'.

The Ian Callum-designed utopian vehicle ends the Jaguar display, which gives a sense of how cars could look in the distant future.

The London Design Biennale, which took place in September, gave designers the chance to show off their ideas on what the future could look like and also to explore how design can and will affect our lives.

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