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Published Date: 24/02/2016

How Jaguar Will Help Break The Land Speed Record

It's planned to be the fastest car the world has ever seen, but Bloodhound SSC cannot get there without Jaguar.

RAF Wing Commander Andy Green is the current land speed record holder, having driven Thrust SSC (Super Sonic Car) above the speed of sound in 1997. With the Bloodhound SSC, he hopes to crack over a thousand miles per hour on the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa with the incredible rocket/jet hybrid car

How Jaguar Will Help Break The Land Speed Record

The most obvious role is support. In 2014 and 2015 Jaguar took part in high-speed communications tests and appointed specialty SVO engineered F-Type R and XJR rapid response vehicles (RRV) to the Bloodhound logistical team.

The two cars will be used to provide emergency support that hopefully should not be needed, with the XJR RRV converted to accommodate fire suppression equipment and cutting gear while the F-Type RRV will carry the team doctor.

F-Type R was also the chosen chariot for the testing of the parachute that will be used to bring the SSC down to 200mph. At 180mph the parachute was tested subjecting the F-Type’s chassis to the equivalent of a tonne in aerodynamic drag force, proving the effectiveness of the parachute - and the rigidity and durability of the F-Type frame!

Less well-known is Jaguar's presence in the heart of the Bloodhound SSC. The same 550bhp V8 Supercharged engine you'll find in the F-Type RRV and XJR RRV also finds a home in the middle of the Bloodhound. Of course it's not quite up to the task of driving the car to the target 1,000mph top speed - that will be the role of the Eurofighter jet engine and Nammo rocket. However, it will be powering the oxidiser pump, supplying 9 gallons of hydrogen peroxide fuel per second to the rocket.

The Jaguar engine has been carefully selected for its power, torque and size, but also its reliability - the Bloodhound package does not allow for any engine servicing once it has been put in place.

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