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Published Date: 06/03/2016

Complementary Safety Check service for Jaguar customers

At Jaguar we aim to give the customer the best possible service to make sure their car is at its best and they are satisfied with how we completed the job.

Whenever your Jaguar is booked in for any work, it will be given a complementary Visual Safety Check by the garage’s trained Jaguar technicians - although if you want a check before your next scheduled work, we can do that too.

Complementary Safety Check service for Jaguar customers

The visual checks include some items that are currently part of the government’s MOT test - including the lights, horn, wipers, seatbelts, mirrors and glass, braking components, tyres, wheel alignment and checking for leaks - ensuring that the car will be up to standard for its annual checkup.

The technician will then give a summary of all the checked areas of the car and give a report for each part, so you know the relative condition of various parts of your car. This report uses a familiar traffic light system, pointing out which areas will need fixing urgently (Red), which parts need attention in the near-future (Amber) and the parts that are functioning well (Green).

If any work is required on the car, you will be given a list of the items that need work or replacing, and these can either be done whilst you are there or at another time that you can book. The servicing costs are always included on the list so that you are fully aware of the scale of any problems. None of the work is mandatory, but Red items can compromise the safety of your vehicle as well as the legality.

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