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Published Date: 24/08/2016

Andy Murray vs Jaguar

Tennis star and world number two Andy Murray had a superb Wimbledon Championships, winning his second title at the All England Club against Milos Raonic in straight sets.

As a proud partner of the Wimbledon Championships, Jaguar decided to put Murray through his paces against some of Jaguar’s fastest vehicles and see just how good the star is.

First, Murray took on the Jaguar XE saloon and after getting his eye in, the Scot was able to keep up with the saloon, despite the mystery driver giving it everything.

To spice up the test, the secret driver stepped out of the XE and into the fastest Jaguar ever, the F-TYPE SVR, which is capable of 200mph.

The added acceleration and speed made it even more challenging for the tennis ace, who was still able to bring the game back to deuce.

This made our secret driver very angry and led to the arrival of Jaguar’s brand new Formula E racecar to finish the game off.

With its fantastic acceleration thanks to its pure electric motor and drive train, the Formula E car was rapid off the line and beat Murray in the advantage.

To top it all off for Murray, the secret driver revealed himself to be multiple Grand Slam-champion John McEnroe, much to Murray’s surprise.

You can watch the video yourself here:

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