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Published Date: 25/02/2015

XE holds off 3-Series in What Car? test

Prestigious motoring magazine, What Car? has named the new Jaguar XE as the best compact saloon car on sale – beating the BM3 Series to the title in the process.

On sale now, customers will begin receiving their Jaguar XE’s in May – to date, only What Car? has been given the honour of testing the car in the UK and against its main competitor.

Tests revealed that the XE performed better than the BMW for running costs, handling, ride quality and standard equipment list.

Built and designed in the UK, the XE is central to Jaguar’s plans to double its global sales by the end of 2015.

Back in 2013, parent company Jaguar Land Rover declared £1.5bn of investment and the creation of more than 2000 jobs as part of ambitious plans to accelerate its growth. The new XE will be manufactured in Solihull and powered by engines built in Wolverhampton.

Editor of What Car? Jim Holder, said, “For Jaguar to come in and beat a well-established rival as strong as the BMW 3 Series first time out is a quite incredible result. Compared with BMW, Jaguar is a minnow in terms of sales and R&D investment, but the commitment shown by owners Tata has been well rewarded with the XE.”

Adding, “The British car industry is currently booming – and after putting the XE through our exhaustive testing process back-to-back with the 3 Series, we’ve no doubt that Jaguar is about to accelerate that success story.”

Adding, “It’s an exciting time for the UK motor industry; this is yet another model being built here and exported around the world. Jaguar Land Rover is at the forefront of a British manufacturing success story.”

Pick-up the March edition of What Car? magazine for the full lowdown on the test.

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