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Published Date: 12/10/2015

What it’s like to drive the all-new Jaguar XF 

Jaguar XF

Jaguar is known for making cars that ride and handle exceptionally well. The all-new XF is no different; it epitomises everything that the British carmaker stands for, including its past, which is rich in heritage.

With technology developing every day, the all-new XF has set a new benchmark in terms of class-leading ride, comfort and handling.

The chassis and suspension are notably strong and feature lightweight aluminium components on both the front and rear. The car is, therefore, extremely agile through corners, without compromising its comfort qualities. A double wishbone structure is in place at the front to ensure class-leading handling.

There is an excellent combination of agility and refinement with the all-new XF. This is mostly due to its aluminium intensive architecture. Mixed with the advanced front wishbone, Jaguar has perfected its system to deliver the very best in dynamics and ride comfort.

Further driver aids also include Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS). This system finely calibrates the amount of power assistance required for every manoeuvre.

The driving experience is enhanced by the two refined transmission systems. You can opt for the fast and refined eight-speed automatic or the six-speed manual gearbox. The automatic is designed to be efficient, while the latter is purely for performance.

Another clever piece of technology that distinguishes the XF from its rivals is its Adaptive Dynamics. It doesn’t matter whether you’re cornering on B-roads or cruising along a motorway; the system instinctively modifies the XF’s response to road conditions and driving style.

Each of these technologies confirms the all-new Jaguar XF’s position as the class-leading drivers’ saloon.

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