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Published Date: 21/08/2015

The XF is Jaguar’s stylish executive saloon that oozes elegance and has an excellent luxury cabin.

Although it is already full of great technology and high-quality materials, there are plenty of extras to make the XF more suitable for you.

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Let’s take a look at some of the great optional features you can have on your Jaguar XF.

Advanced Parking Assist Pack with Surround Camera System

With this optional feature, parking is made much easier. The addition of both rear and front parking aid, a rear-view camera, 360-degree park distance control, park assist and a surround camera, the XF will be able to fit in the tightest of spaces with ease.

Heated Windscreen with Heated Water Jets

In the cold winter months, scraping ice off the windscreen becomes a real chore. With this added option though, the heated windscreen will melt the ice whilst you sit in the car and with a wipe from the windscreen wiper the ice will be gone. You can even give the cold ice a blast of heated water to speed the process up.

Cooled Glovebox

On a hot day it is important to keep cool and hydrated. There are few things worse than a warm bottle of water, which is why the cooled glovebox is such a great addition. It will also ensure that sweets don’t get sticky and chocolate doesn’t melt.

Manual Sunblinds For Rear Side Windows

This is an excellent option to ensure that rear passengers, especially children, don’t get sun in their eyes. Even on the sunniest days – very rare in Britain, we know – they will ensure that passengers can travel in comfort.

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