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Published Date: 05/03/2015

JLR Special Operations working on souped-up F-Type SVR

Jaguar is all set to reveal a hot version of one its current models – to be badged SVR, according to Managing Director, John Edwards.

Edwards spoke to confirm that JLR Special Vehicle Operations had been working on a pacier and more powerful version of an existing model although refused to confirm rumours that the forthcoming product is an F-Type variant.

“SVR will be the brand name that we use for our ultimate sports derivatives, be they Jaguars or Land Rovers,’ said Edwards.

‘To wear that badge, it’s got to pass the DNA test. That test is about increased power, reduced weight, improved aero, improved dynamics and differentiated design. All of which has to result in meeting our performance thresholds, which is about 0-60mph times, V-max or track times”.

Adding, “In the fullness of time there will be Jaguar and Land Rover SVRs. The competition here is Mercedes AMG and BMW M. There’s definitely a market there.”

Jaguar Land Rover first unveiled the SVR sub-brand to the public at the recent Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland with the Range Rover Sport SVR.

An F-Type SVR would more than likely take the top-of-the range V8 R Coupe or Convertible as its basis before adding significant power and reducing weight to improve handling and performance.

At the moment, the V8 models produce 542bhp – any F-Type SVR could end up putting out as much as 600bhp.

Although John Edwards would not confirm the F-Type SVR recent spy spots would seem to show a camouflaged F-Type SVR being put through its paces at a test track.

Judging from these latest shots, the SVR features wide air vents at the front with a front splitter sitting just below the bumper. Massive carbon ceramic brakes can also be seen beyond the arch filling alloy wheels along with a redesigned rear spoiler.

The F-Type will almost certainly come with a more attentive suspension setup, sharper eight-speed ZF gearbox and recalibrated steering.

A release date and pricing are of course yet to be announced but we can expect a considerable premium over the current £97,135 for the current 5.0-litre V8 AWD Convertible F-Type.

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