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Published Date: 23/11/2015

Jaguar's starring role in Spectre

James Bond has always had a close relationship with the British car industry and a new Bond film often means the chance to exhibit the latest models for UK car manufacturers.

Jaguar Spectre

Jaguar has taken the starring roll for 2015’s entry to the Bond canon, Spectre, the 24th film in the series.

It’s not the marque’s first prominent appearance in the Bond series of course. In the previous film, Skyfall, Bond evacuated his boss M from a firefight in her official a Jaguar XJ L, while North Korean henchman Zao battled Pierce Brosnan’s Bond over an Icelandic glacier in a heavily militarised Jaguar XKR.

Jaguar Spectre

Former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista gets the Jaguar-driving henchman honours in Spectre. His character, Mr. Hinx, is both a high-ranking SPECTRE assassin and one of the few lucky people in the world to drive the Jaguar C-X75.

Jaguar Spectre

Originally an electric-hybrid, gas turbine powered concept car, the C-X75 was slated for a short production run using a more conventional petrol-hybrid powertrain. Built in conjunction with Williams Advanced Engineering, an arm of the Williams F1 team, it would have been a 200mph+ supercar with an electric range of 30 miles.

Jaguar Spectre

The length and depth of the global recession eventually put paid to the project – though technology from the C-X75’s development may be applied to future Jaguar products – but not before it had captured the attention of the film makers at Eon Productions. Jaguar and Williams collaborated again to produce the vehicles commissioned for Spectre.

Jaguar Spectre

With Mr. Hinx taking the orange Jaguar on a dramatic chase through the streets of Rome, the C-X75 is already on the way to being one of the most iconic Bond cars ever – even in the hands of a villain. Still, it’s good to be bad…

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