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Published Date: 20/10/2015

Jaguar’s involvement in cycling

Jaguar Cycling

Jaguar has always been a team player and cycling is one sport it favours in particular. Cycling has become popular over the past five years thanks to the success of British Olympians including Chris Hoy and Team Sky in the Tour De France.

Jaguar got involved just at the right time. Since 2010, when Team Sky is competing, Jaguar has been right behind them in its specially equipped sports car, which acts as a wardrobe on wheels, a mechanics’ workshop, a canteen, race HQ and a first aid station.

The firm not only provides excellent support cars, it also gets heavily involved in the engineering of the bikes, using year’s worth of expertise to optimise the design.

The Dogma F8 is the result of a close collaboration between Jaguar, Pinarello and Team Sky. It is considered to be the ultimate high performance road bike and it is absolutely stunning too. Thanks to the help of Jaguar’s state-of-the-art wind tunnel, the aerodynamics of the bike have now been improved by 26.1 per cent over the previous model.

With Team Sky doing so well it is an excellent time for Jaguar to be getting involved. Unbelievably, Team Sky are aiming for their third victory at the Tour De France with Jaguar being an Innovation Partner.

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