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Published Date: 29/12/2015

Jaguar XE gains 4WD

The multi award-winning Jaguar XE has added a new talent to its repertoire - all wheel drive.

AWD was engineered into the XE right at the beginning of development and is available exclusively with the 180PS 2-litre diesel Ingenium and 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Jaguar XE gains 4WD
The advanced torque-on-demand system uses a fast-acting transfer case with multi-plate wet clutch and only diverts torque to the front wheels under conditions where it's needed, so the car retains its rear-wheel drive handling balance and agility in normal driving.

Torque transfer calculations are handled by Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD), a sophisticated control technology developed in-house at Jaguar and first used on the AWD Jaguar F-Type. As with that car, the AWD XE can shift from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive in just 165 milliseconds.

IDD takes data from yaw, wheel angle and lateral acceleration sensors to continually asses the friction between the tyres and road and how much grip is available at each tyre contact patch. IDD can act in a predictive fashion as well as reactive and anticipate loss of traction. It's also networked in to the dynamic stability control system, the torque vectoring system and the Jaguar Drive Control.

Combined with Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR), the AWD system is even more effective. AdSR replaces the Rain, Ice, Snow mode in Jaguar Drive Control and operates throughout the XE's entire speed range. Developed from the Jaguar Land Rover Terrain Response technology, AdSR adapts the throttle, transmission and DSC maps according to the type of surface. This allows the driver to make smooth progress and drive with confidence whatever the road conditions.

Of course the AWD system doesn't just operate in less than ideal road conditions. It can detect slip during fast driving even and mitigate oversteer by transferring torque to the front axle.

By avoiding the parasitic losses innate to permanent AWD systems, the XE can still return fuel economy figures of 60mpg combined, with 123g/km CO2 emissions.

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