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Published Date: 06/02/2015

Jaguar & Team Sky pick up top PR award

Innovation partners Jaguar and Team Sky have been acknowledged for delivering an exceptional joint PR campaign at the European Sponsorship Association Excellence Awards.

The awards recognise the best sponsorship work throughout Europe and was presented to the Jaguar communication team at a ceremony in London on 29th January.

Judges were impressed with a complete and cohesive PR campaign delivered by the partner brands in 2014, which featured three core communications activities including: The launch of the Pinarello Dogma F8 Bicycle for Team Sky; a film produced to mark the beginning of the 2014 Tour de France and the creation of a bespoke Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe sports car.

The idea behind the Jaguar and Team Sky partnership is to improve the team’s performances by integrating design and engineering resources in order to develop new products for application in competitive cycling.

Pushing these engineering advances throughout last year has seen a rise in global media coverage and engagement on social media, thanks to some memorable marketing and PR concepts.

Global PR Director at Jaguar, Richard Agnew, said, “This award is a fantastic endorsement of a campaign that celebrates innovation in engineering and technology amongst three great brands in Pinarello, Team Sky and Jaguar.”

Adding, “We know cycling is always increasing in popularity, and leveraging that burgeoning interest has been key to the success of a fully integrated communications campaign targeting high profile editorial publications, popular social media channels and broadcast television, while ensuring content is appropriate for use in various marketing channels.”

Team Sky Head of Technical Operations & Commerical, said, “Our partnership with Jaguar is unique in the cycling industry. We have been able to work with Jaguar’s aerodynamics specialists to develop the Pinarello Dogma F8, which recently achieved critical acclaim for its industry-leading engineering and racing credentials at the recent London Design Awards”.

Adding, “To work with a communications team as innovative as the engineers in the same company is inspiring.”

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