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Jaguar XE gains 4WD

The Jaguar E-Type was famously the first production car to record 150mph on a run in Belgium in 1961.


XJR meets XJR9

When Andy Wallace won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1988 in a Jaguar XJ, he could have done with the headlights on the present XJ.


Five amazing things about the new XF

Jaguar’s XF saloon is by far the most important car for the brand at present, with more than three quarters of all Jaguars sold being XF models.


Jaguar's starring role in Spectre

James Bond has always had a close relationship with the British car industry and a new Bond film often means the chance to exhibit the latest models for UK car manufacturers.


Why the press think the new XE is a class leader

The XE represents Jaguar’s second attempt at taking on the very popular small executive car sector and first wholly Jaguar-built effort.


How Jaguar loop the looped in an F Pace

Video games and toy cars have taught us all as kids that looping the loop is fairly normal – even mundane – but even the concept of trying it in a real car is a surprisingly recent development.


New F-Pace is prepared for the extreme

The UK is known for its unpredictable weather, which can change from sunshine to snow in a matter of hours. This can cause all sorts of problems on the roads leading to people missing work or getting stuck in their homes.


Jaguar's involvement in cycling

Jaguar has always been a team player and cycling is one sport it favours in particular.


What it's like to drive the all-new Jaguar XF

Jaguar is known for making cars that ride and handle exceptionally well. The all-new XF is no different;