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Published Date: 18/11/2014

XJ220 stars at Silverstone Auctions

A Jaguar XJ220 – once owned by the Royal Family of Brunei - has sold at auction for £247,500.

Silverstone Auctions ended the year on a high after sales totalled more than £4.5 million for the two-day sale at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show this weekend.

It is believed the iconic Jaguar reached a world record price with pre-sale interest from across the world pushing the price higher and higher.

The story of the Jaguar XJ220 is part of motor-head folklore; beginning in the 1980’s when Jim Randall, head of Jaguar’s engineering department doodled some ideas whilst on a Christmas holiday.

Initially it was just a pipe dream – a V12 engine, four-wheel drive and a striking body- but gradually Jaguar became more and more interested and excited by the idea – plans were eventually put in place to build what would become the fastest ever road car.

1988’s Birmingham Motor Show was chosen to reveal the concept model featuring a fuel injected V12 engine capable of putting out a massive 530bhp to all four wheels.

This monster power unit was situated just behind the two seat cabin and the striking looks are influenced by the necessity to keep the engine as cool as possible as well as providing enough downforce to keep the car steady at 217mph.

The particular model that reached such a huge price at the auction was chassis number 200693 and was built by TWR Jaguar Oxford in 1991 before it was sent to Brunei on the behest of their Royal Family.

Following on from the legendary XJ200; Jaguar is set to push the bar even higher once again with its F-TYPE Project 7.

Project 7 has been described as the fastest and most powerful vehicle Jaguar has ever made.

Styling-wise, the F-TYPE Project 7 is very similar to the original Project 7 Concept coming with a passenger side carbon fibre rollover hoop and larger mirrors.

The F-TYPE Project 7 will be powered by a 5.0L V8 engine with 565bhp connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The 0-60mph sprint is completed in just 3.8 seconds.

Only 250 units of the F-Type Project 7 will be produced.

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