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Published Date: 02/11/2014

First peek at Jaguar Land Rover’s new engine plant

Ahead of its official opening today, Jaguar Land Rover has offered the first peek inside its brand-new Engine Manufacturing Centre near Wolverhampton.

The plant is due to opened later today by Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, and will be the home of the marque’s new range of Ingenium engines.

Powering a new range of Jaguar Land Rover products and designed, engineered and manufactured by the company for the company in the UK, the Ingenium range is expected to transform the brand.

A brand-new 2.0-litre diesel engine will be the first produced at the plant, which is due to be dropped into Jaguar’s new XE saloon range.

The new diesel engine, coupled with the XE’s lightweight aluminium construction means that XE models equipped with the Ingenium unit will be the most efficient Jags ever produced.

Following Jaguar XE’s release, the Ingenium range is due to be rolled out into all new Jaguar Land Rover models, including the rumoured Land Rover Defender replacement supposedly due in 2016.

The state-of-the-art £500 million manufacturing facility is the latest in a range of investments made by Jaguar Land Rover, and is expected to create a total of nearly 7,000 jobs through production and supply.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new plant will feature a new machining hall filled with 150 cutting-edge manufacturing machines, with everything from assembly robots to high-powered laser cutters.

This first line is where the new Ingenium engines start life as a block of aluminium, which is machined into shape with the state-of-the-art tools, overseen by the company’s skilled workers.

From there, the engines will move through to the assembly hall, where an average of 245 parts are pieced together to form each engine derivative, with 150 employees working across 17 areas.

Each engine will then be cold tested to ensure that it works, before leaving the assembly line ready to be put into one of Jaguar Land Rover’s new models.

In total, the new factory is the size of 14 football pitches, with a 32 mile duct and drainage system running underneath it. The roof is covered with 21,000 solar panels, which provides enough energy to power 1,600 homes.

Just as the new factory is one of the most advanced engine manufacturing plants in the world, the Ingenium range will be Jaguar Land Rover’s most advanced models ever.

Each four-cylinder unit will be available in both diesel and petrol variants, equipped with brand-new turbochargers and capable of powerful outputs with CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km.

The first model to come with an Ingenium engine, the Jaguar XE, is available to order now and priced from £26,995.

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