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The UK's Most Scenic Autumn Drives

We look at the best places to take a drive in the UK when the leaves turn red.


Contemporary Crossovers F-Pace Vs E-Pace

The E-Pace and F-Pace offer two incredible drives in a stylish package. So which is for you?


Autumn Driving What To Watch Out For

We take a look at some of the things you need to look out for when the weather turns in October and November.



The XE and XF are both superior saloons. But if you're in the fortunate position of having to choose one over the other, we take a look at the things you need to know.


Staying Safe: Dealing With Glare When Driving

Driving in a low sun can produce irritating amounts of glare that can impede your vision. Here we take a look at what you can do to keep you and other road users safe.


Seven Things You Need To Know About Self Driving Cars

While some of us may not like the idea, days where we'll be driving our own car will come to an end in the future. Here we look at seven things you need to know now.


How To Maintain Your Car In Spring

With winter out of the way, it's easy to forget about preparing your car for a new season. We give you the low-down on preparing your car for Spring.


F-Pace vs XE

Similarly priced, the XE and F-Pace offer two incredible, though vastly different drives. So which is for you - the thrill of an executive saloon or the dominance of a crossover SUV?


Our Guide To The Best Roads In Europe

If you’re looking to take your pride and joy on a European road trip, or you just want to see some of the best stretches of tarmac the continent has to offer, take a look at our guide to the best roads in Europe.


How to drive safely around cyclists

Cyclist safety is a hot topic, and as more of us turn to two wheels in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our fitness, it’s more important than ever that everyone takes steps to share the road considerately.


The Most Common Types Of Breakdown Revealed

There’s rarely a good time to breakdown, but when it does happen it always seems to be at the worst possible moment. Here we take a look at six of the most common types of breakdown, and what you can do to solve or, even better, avoid them.


VED Tax Changes - How will it affect your new Jaguar?

Following on from the budget of July 2016, new road tax laws are set to come into force on the 1st April. How will this affect your new Jaguar purchase?


The new XF at H.A.Fox

With a superb combination of style and performance, the Jaguar XF is a modern classic in the luxury saloon field.


Jaguar asks Jose Mourinho what makes him tick

As one of the world’s top football managers, it was only right that Jose Mourinho started a partnership with Jaguar.


Jaguar sets new sales records

In a fantastic 2016 for the brand, Jaguar has set a new company sales record, thanks to a 77 per cent increase in sales over 2015.


F-Pace wins Car Of The Year

As the first SUV in Jaguar’s history, the F-PACE has made plenty of waves in the motoring industry, and at this year’s UK Car of the Year awards, it has been successful yet again.


Jaguar Land Rover opens doors to female students

To help give an insight into the production process of its vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover is starting the Young Women in the Know programme, which aims to attract more women to the automotive industry.


F-PACE 'Designer Edition' sold at BEN ball

A unique Jaguar F-PACE, devised by Jaguar's director of design Ian Callum, has been sold at a charity auction to support automotive charity Ben.


Silverstone and Spa head 2017 Jaguar Classic Challenge

The Jaguar Classic Challenge returns for 2017 and introduces two new events to the five-race series.


Jaguar's All-Weather Heroes

At Jaguar, making cars suitable for all driving conditions is paramount with the combination of the innovative technologies, you will find your Jaguar drives like a Jaguar in all weathers.