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7 Reasons to Get Your Jaguar Serviced Before Winter

When winter approaches many people start to question whether or not they should get their car serviced. Is it worth the extra expense? Will having my vehicle serviced make winter driving any safer? Perhaps most importantly; will the fact that my car has been serviced make any real difference when the bad weather hits?

Getting your car serviced can actually save you a serious amount of money and can go a long way in protecting you, your passengers and other motorists when driving through treacherous weather conditions.

Here at H.A.Fox Jaguar we have taken a look at 7 reasons to get your Jaguar car serviced before winter.

  1. If you already have problems with your vehicle, these normally worsen as the weather gets colder. So if you’re having trouble starting your Jaguar or have power, stalling or idling issues, cold weather is likely to make these problems worse. 

  2. When driving through ice and snow, you’re likely to make a series of stops and starts, which is likely to have an effect on your vehicle’s oil. When you have your car serviced, a professional will be able to let you know if your oil needs changing. 
  3. It is crucially important when bad weather hits that your windscreen wipers are functioning properly. A professional will be able to let you know if your windscreen wipers are in full working order and suggest any repairs that need to be made.
  4. You can feel safe knowing your brakes are working correctly. Poorly functioning brakes can be extremely dangerous during the winter months, especially when the roads are icy. 
  5. You’ll know whether or not your battery will withstand the winter. The last you want is a flat battery when the weather falls below freezing.
  6. Having your transmission routinely checked can prevent costly repairs further down the line. Leaving what is likely to be a small, easily resolvable issue to worsen in cold weather could mean you have to fork out some serious cash in the near future.
  7. When an engine isn’t running properly, it burns much more fuel than if it was in good working order. Highlighting and resolving this issue early will help you save money on fuel in the long run, especially during the winter months when keeping your tank full is so important.

In the long run, when it comes to having your Jaguar serviced, perhaps the most important time to do it is before the winter weather settles in. You can have peace of mind knowing that your car is in tip top shape before venturing out into icy or snowy roads and potentially dodge repair costs which are often caused by adverse weather conditions. You can then be confident that you have taken every step possible to protect yourself and your loved ones, as well as other drivers on the road.

To find out more about the benefits of having your car serviced or to book your vehicle in, visit one of our 9 Jaguar retail centres today or book a service online.