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If you’d like regular monthly payments plus a minimum guaranteed future value for your Jaguar, then consider Privilege from Jaguar.

Step by Step

1. Choose the new or used Jaguar you want
2. Agree your annual mileage
3. Decide between a 20 or 48 month agreement period
4. Jaguar will determine the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) of your car at the end of your agreement. 
    The GMFV is deferred to the end of the agreement and is the optional final payment.
5. The GMFV and any deposit are deducted from the price of your car. 
    You make regular payments based on the remaining balance plus the agreement interest.
6. At the end of the agreement, just choose from one of the following options:
- Renew. Choose a new car from your Jaguar dealer and use any excess value over the GMFV towards your deposit. You can trade in your old car or sell it privately. (GMFV is payable by the customer if the car is sold to someone other than back to the original selling dealer.)
- Retain. To keep your car, you only need pay the GMFV.
- Return. Simply return your car Jaguar finance in good condition and within the agreed mileage. If your car is worth more than the initially agreed GMFV you will be due this difference back.

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