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Approved Used Jaguar X-TYPE

Approved Used Jaguar X-Type

Used Jaguar X-Type

The Jaguar X-Type made its debut to the automotive world at the Geneva Motor Show in 2001. The compact executive car, available in both saloon and estate versions, received Autoweek Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice Award” for being the “Most Significant Car”.

Jaguar, based the car loosely on Ford’s CD 132 chassis, using less than 20% of the original components. The unique features and improvements found on the X-Type render it an original design platform. The X-Type was also the first compact saloon produced since the Jaguar Mark 1 of the 1950’s.

In addition to being an original platform, Jaguar engineers offered the car in all-wheel drive as a distinction from its rivals. Further, an available 3.0 Litre V6 petrol engine, rated at 228 horsepower, was a power plant unique to the Jaguar X-Type.

The 3.0 Litre V6 featured several inventive improvements, not the least of which was variable valve timing (VVT). The fuel injected engine also featured 4 valves per cylinder, forged connecting rods, and a solid camshaft, making for a reliable and efficient power plant. Other engine options included a 2.5 or 2.1 Litre petrol V6, rated at 193 and 154 horsepower, respectively.

For the 2003 model, Jaguar made diesel power available for the X-Type. Displacement choices included a 2.0 Liter engine, rated at 128 horsepower, and a slightly larger 2.2 Liter version, rated at 153 horsepower. Manual gearbox options were a 5 speed for the smaller engine, and a 6 speed for the larger.

Jaguar wasn’t finished giving the consumer options for the X-Type in 2003. In addition to the diesel engines, the company also made available a front wheel drive (FWD) option. All-wheel drive (AWD) remained standard throughout the car’s production.

2004 saw the launch of the Jaguar X-Type estate, as well as the limited edition “Spirit” model. The estate was not available with the smallest petrol engine. The “Spirit” was based on the 2.5 Litre petrol engine and featured styling elements from the “Sports Collection” package. In addition, Jaguar made minor changes to the car’s grille, as well as in 2006.

The 2008 X-Type saw even more options. Jaguar redesigned the front bumper which resembled the Jaguar XF. Engine options included the new 2.2 Litre diesel (with particulate filter), as well the 2.0 Litre diesel. Petrol choices remained in 3.0 and 2.5 Litre options. A 6 speed automatic gearbox was also available for the larger diesel.

Although the Jaguar X-Type never reached its sales goals, the car was well received and won several automotive awards and recognition in the industry. Despite generally being the best-selling model of the company’s line, Jaguar discontinued the X-Type after 2009.

Overall impressions of the car are high. Drivers find seating for four very comfortable, despite the compact size. Critics also find the interior, complete with supple leather and wood veneers, staples of luxury expected from the Jaguar line.

The somewhat retro styling of the Used Jaguar X-Type leaves critics divided. Some love the classic flavour, reminiscent of the XJ. Some prefer the more contemporary lines of the XF. Regardless, the rectangular grille and hooded headlights, combined with flowing graceful lines, ensure the car leaves a memorable impression.

Critics also enjoy the Jaguar X-Type’s ride and handling. While the suspension is tuned more for comfort, its quick steering, balance, and enjoyable driving dynamics will surprise and impress on spirited drives.

Most critics agree the models from 2004 are the cream of the X-Type’s crop. These models featured the above improvements, along with technical options including Bluetooth and Satellite Radio in the later models. All models come well equipped making the Jaguar X-Type a truly luxurious executive car.

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